8 Must Have Skills for a Digital Marketer in 2019

Want to start a Digital Marketing career in 2019? Here are 8 must have skills to be an effective Digital Marketer in 2019.

1. Buyer’s Psychology

Digital Marketing 2019

The first Digital Marketing skills I would like to highlight is the understanding of buyer’s psychology.

Before dipping your foot into the world of sales and marketing, you must first understand the psychology of selling. You need to get inside of your customers and be able to think like them.

No, you don’t need to have a degree in psychology but you should be a student. There are certain reasons people buy and certain reasons they don’t.

People don’t like to buy but don’t like to be sold.

A good starting point would be Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence.

2. Data Analytics

Digital Marketing 2019

In 2019, the most important asset you can have is data. Not gold, stocks, land but DATA!

Just imagine, how does Facebook make money? They have all their user’s data and sell it to the advertisers.

However, a data by itself is nothing unless there is someone to make sense of it.

As a Digital Marketer, you’ll have access to lots of data and need to make critical decisions based on the data. For example, your Ad Campaign is not performing well. A good Digital Marketer will know exactly where to look and fix the issue just by looking at the data.

3. Communication Skills

Digital Marketing 2019

This is a no-brainer. Ability to communicate your idea in the most effective way possible is the most valuable skill in almost every industry.

Think of all the individuals at the top of their industry. I bet they are an excellent communicator and have their way with people.

As a Digital Marketer, you might need to do an elevator pitch, you might need to convince your clients or even your colleagues and employees. You become a master communicator the more you practice.

I highly recommend to start trying out public speaking, join social clubs and try not to stay in your comfort zone.

4. Copywriting

Digital Marketing 2019

For those who don’t know what copywriting is, it is basically “sales on a print”. If you have read any online news, magazines, billboards, newsletters or any form of advertising that contains text, the chances are they are written by a Copywriter.

Essentially, what a copywriter does is to present the offer in such a way that influences the customers to take action. It might even be called “persuasive writing”

Since a Digital Marketer runs various forms of ad, Copywriting is one of those skills that cannot be overlooked.

A good starting point would be to search for newsletters written by Gary Halbert, one of the best copywriter of all time. Even though they were used in the time of direct mail it is still highly relevant.

5. Basic Coding and Website Design

Coding & Website Design

I am not saying you need to be a hardcore coder or need to take classes of Java. But having a basic understanding of how codes work, maybe a little knowledge of HTML and CSS can really boost your skill.

You will be working excessively with your client’s website, so you need to have an idea of how a website is made and structured. This can be highly essential for SEO.

6. Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Design is the first thing a customer sees in the ads you run. If the design doesn’t stand out or interests your audience, they will not bother reading your ad copy.

You don’t need to fluent in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for this but need a basic understanding of color combination, typography, alignment etc.

There are very helpful tools like Canva, that makes your job a lot easier.

7. SEO

SEO expert Nepal

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most in-demand skills of 2019. People are starting to realize the importance of websites and its rankings.

Even though SEO doesn’t provide instant result like paid ad does, but SEO is a long term solution. For PPC as soon as you stop running ads, you stop getting website visitors.

If you rank organically for your keywords, it is basically free traffic.

8. Video Editing

Video Editing Nepal

Video Marketing is the next big thing. People’s attention span has never been lower. (it is that of a Goldfish!)

In this attention deficit market, video arises as the one true hero. All the major social media platforms now support native video. Even LinkedIn and Pinterest started supporting video formats because they realize that the content is shifting towards video.

As a marketer you need to be able to create powerful videos to grab attention and convert into sales.


Hence, these are the Digital Marketing skills that are absolutely necessary to become indispensable in 2019. Think I left some? Let me know in the comments.

If you aren’t skilled in these topics, don’t worry. The best time to start is NOW. Although these skills might change over time but the core concept of marketing is and always has been is to provide value.

Marketing is not persuasion, it is not closing, it is not interruption. It is simply an act of making people’s lives easier.

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